Lindsay & Associates | Consulting Structural Engineers
Northern Illinois University

The Project is a single-story strength and conditioning building of approximately 15,225 square feet, a single-story training building of approximately 9,975 square feet, a one-story connection link to the west bleachers, a below-grade utility tunnel extension, a two-story academic/coaching building of approximately 38,550 square feet and an exterior elevated terrace of approximately 3,000 square feet.

The Project is a two-story events and office center of approximately 37,300 square feet with a full basement. The building includes a banquet facility, library lounge, and office and conference spaces.

The Project is three-story office/classroom building of approximately 145,000 square feet with a single story auditorium on the second floor, tiered classrooms on the third floor, and an atrium volume area near the center of the structure.